Term And Warranty Condition 

*Terms and conditions of the guarantee.


1.The company warranty. Models and serial numbers listed in this warranty.


2.Buyers must present a valid warranty stickers whenever requested service with officer of the Company.


3.Guarantee the product for 1 year. and accessories  charger, data transmission equipment, etc. The warranty period is 6 months. From the date of purchase.


4.Products within the insurance company must have a sticker. It is in perfect condition. Not be torn or removed.


5.A warranty covers only those Products purchased on the company's dealers. And domestic use only.



 **Conditions is not in the warranty.


1.Products damaged due to user abuse. Or damage arising from use of incorrect voltages of product was specify.


2.Products were modified by the addition of repair technicians who are not representative of the Company.


3.Products damaged intact scratch. Or damage the surface. And external components resulting from the use of the purchaser.


4.Products damaged. Due to natural disasters. Animal bite or nibble.


5.Products damaged. Due to water moisture from the wet. Or chemical

(Except JAWBONE UP Able to withstand for showers the occasional but not by immersion, diving, swimming, or in a place long wet).


6.Cards has scratching ,torn of the card lost. Warranty sticker missing. Or has been moved.



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